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OPTA is...
For anybody who believes in and practices the principle-centered life of integrity with a social conscience; That one is contributing towards a healthy community and believes in responsible stewardship to promote ecological balance through organic practices, these are the people we welcome in OPTA. In essence, OPTA practices the basic principles of organic agriculture consisting of health, ecology, fairness and care.

Why join OPTA?
Organic farmers, producers, processors, and dealers can join as Trade members with voting rights. We need to work together, share our experience and expertise, build networks, market our produce and promote the integrity or producers. This we can achieve by policing our ranks so that we can provide the highest exacting standards and quality for organically grown produce for the benefit of our consumers.
On the other hand, the consumers, academe, civil society and every one supportive of the organic movement can join as Associate Member with non-voting rights. By being part of OPTA and supporting its cause, we will get to know organic farmers, build relationships with producers of our food, and eventually gain for ourselves the quality, safety and taste of what we consume.

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